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Dracula hugs Amelia as she looks up at him softly. " what happened.. " Dracula smiles " you are free my love.. I killed Satan... " her eyes widened as she gasped. " why.. " Dracula stared at her " what's wrong? " she sighed.

Amelia's p.o.v

"There's more I didn't say. If my father were ever to be killed I would take the throne if I am married.. If not then it would go to my uncle who despises all monsters and humans." Dracula rubs his chin listening he turns to face the zombies " gather the witches. We are going to have a wedding." Mavis smiles. Amelia stares at her beloved " Are you sure?" She blinks. He smiled as he nodded. " yes.. Mavy. Would you please help Amelia get ready?" Mavis nods as she hugs the woman " of course. " the two women depart.

Dracula's p.o.v

He sighed smiling, he knew he would have extra responsibilities. " Sir Dracula?" A demonic voice is heard. He turns to see a hell ridden centaur there. "Oh hello." The centaur nods his head to the count "is it true? Young Amy is getting married and you both will take the throne?" The centaur blinks. Dracula nods " Yes. " the centaur kneels down "Dominique. Champion of the lord of hell. " Dracula nods. " mlord. May I ask you to see our council before anything? They need to be aware Satan is dead and your the new king " Dracula nodded "course. " they depart to hell.

Mavis's p.o.v

Oddly enough the girl was happy for her father. She smiles stating at her future mother. Amelia smiles gently as she stares at the girl. " So your going to be the Queen of Hell." She nods "Mavis you will need to attend the coronation as well. Princess of hell. " Mavis giggled as she heard this "Don't forget Johnny! " she nods. Dracula knocks at the door as the two ladies giggle and tell him to come In he bows. " Amy. Mavy. Council gave us their blessings. Asked us to make the wedding in hell. " Amelia nods as she grabs a bag of powder and throws it up creating the portal to hell. The three depart.

Amelia's p.o.v

"Madam. Sire. " Dominique bows. "Please the women and the men different changing rooms the coronation will be soon. " they agreed and depart.

Coronation time.

Dracula eyeballs the room he sees his friends from Hotel Transylvania as he shakes gently. "So nervous. " he hears his name called out.

Dracula's p.o.v

" King Dracula of the Vampires and Demons. " Dracula scoots in he wore the hell garment. A black and red suit with a flowing tail from the suit. He stops at the alter as his friends gawk at him. The dark priest bows his head as he takes the throne crown from the pillow putting it on Dracula's head. " May the demons of hell guide you! " Demonic souls fly into Dracula to his crown he roars in pain as his friends gasp. He shakes closing his eyes on his knees the priest speaks " If he can not get up. He will be deemed unworthy for King. " Dracula angry by this he stands up as the pastor exclaims " I now dub thee King Dracula. " he opens his eyes as his eyes were red. The priest nods " Queen Amelia Vandouurs. Dracula turns and sees the girl there. His beautiful wife he could not believe how lovely she was she wore a blood red gown and her hair was tied into braids imbedded within the braids was hell charms. She walks up to the alter and kneels down.

Amelias p.o.v

She sees her beloved Dracula there. She smiles as the dark priest speaks "Lady Dracula Queen of the demons and vampires. " he puts the crown on her head as she feels her skull break as demons roar inside. Standing up as her once beautiful eyes were black. " May I present Queen Amelia Dracula! " all the demons and monsters roar clapping. Amelia moves n arm around her husband.

Mavis's p.o.v

"Lady Mavis and Lord Johnathen Dracula. " the couple stands up as they walk down the isle. They both kneel as the dark priest puts crowns on both their heads " May I present Mavis and Johnny the prince and princess of hell. Everyone clapped cheering
Hopefully a new beginging has started.
The beautiful light.

Mavis bites her lip as she watches the fight. Her father was staying strong he fought hard against Satan praying he can win this war. " Dad you can do it.. "

Dracula's p.o.v

He glares at Satan who was mortally wounded. " you have a good fighting spirit in you count. " Dracula roared loudly as he tears up. His veins explode out of his arm as they form into a sword. He roared in pain as he fell to his knees he dashes at Satan as he slams his blade into him. Dracula's vein break his arm as the demon screamed. Jumping back the man raises the sword twisting it in the air. " I call upon you Cerberus I need your aid... " something breaks the ground ad he is raised up as Cerberus lifts up off the ground " Cerberus. The demon dog of hell... How... How is that possible. " Satan backs up as he shook " no.. Can't be.. " Cerberus roars ad he let's out a demonic blood orb. Slamming blood streaks into Satan as he explodes.

Mavis's p.o.v

She gasps, seeing her father defeating the lord of hell. A zombie comes over groaning as Mavis follows him. She sees Amelia covered in a blanket.

Mavis whines " Why.. Why couldn't it be me.. " she stares at the dead body.

Zombie: uggghhhhh.... Ughhhhb aahhg... Ugh..  ( we tried my lady.. Please don't be angry.  )

Mavis nods. " its alright.. " she sighs.

Dracula's p.o.v

He comes back to the Hotel. He sees everyone there they seem so upset " what is the matter? " Wayne says quietly "come.. " he leads him into the infirmary seeing Amelia dead before him. Dracula tears up ad he begins to sob " No... No... " he dashes over to the dead body. Hugging the dead body crying loudly as he whines. " Amelia.. Please...wake up... I love you.. " cries loudly.

Suddenly a bright blue light is shown over Dracula. Small blue wisps come down as they form into a woman. Everyone gasps loudly " M...Martha.. " she stands before Dracula as she goes over to him. He sees Martha standing there " Martha.. " she smiles as she forms into a blue orb flying into Amelia as it disappears into her belly. Dracula sees the scars disappear the blood vanishing. She groans " love... " Dracula smiles and hugs her. "Thank you Martha... T...thank you.... " as Amelia hugs him back. Everyone cheers.
Dracula and Mavis arrives to the last chamber. Breathing heavily as they see a black door and hear screaming. Dracula's eyes turn dark red as he slams right into the door breaking It. He meets a gruesome sight, his beloved Amelia held up by chains covered in blood and poison oozing out of her wounds. She was unresponsive. He grabs his head screaming " No!!!!" Flashing back to Martha being slain. He roars as he cries out in pain. Running over to his beloved. Amelia's tears drip down her face her eyes were gouged out. He holds Amelia in his arms. "Please...forgive dearest love... " he holds her close. Mavis could not believe that she saw this " ... Amelia.. " she could not help but blame herself. Satan flies into the window as he grins " She was a selfish bitch, did not believe in having sex only wanted love. " Dracula feels his heart rip.

Dracula's p.o.v

He lifts his head as he sees Satan laugh hysterically. He looks over at his daughter " Mavis. Please take Amelia. " his daughter nodded and swiped her from her father. Dashing off. He stands up " Why did you do this to your own daughter. " he glared. Satan laughs " because she's a fool. The plan was to kill you. But like usual she refuses to fucking listen to me. " Dracula's heart sank. " I will kill you. " Satan laughed "I am the lord of hell. Your only the vampire king. " he screams in pain as the final war started.

Maviss p.o.v

She jumps back into the portal to the Hotel. All her uncles and aunts standing there waiting and her husband Johnny. All of them gasped " oh my .. " Wanda sai  eyeing the body. Mavis nods holding the dead body. She dashes over running to the infirmary. She explains to the zombies " please save her for dad... " they nod as they take her. She dashes back to her family as they see a new visual come up its the fight between the Vampire King and the King of hell.

Who will win. You must guess.
Mavis tears up as she sees the zombies work on her father. She closes her eyes putting her hands on her eyes. Johnny places a hand on her shoulder " can't blame yourself.. " he looks at her. Mavis wipes her eyes " I shouldn't have done it.. I just ... Wanted my father to focus on me for my birthday... I missed him so much... I feel so horrible... I need to look for Amelia. Please stay with dad. " he nods, kissing his wife as she flies off.

Mavis's p.o.v

" Dad.. I can't believe I did this.. I need to find Amelia " she flies to the library. Looking in her fathers books. " Mavis?... " she hears a voice , turns to see Winnie standing there. " Is your dad OK... " Mavis starts to cry " I feel so bad Winnie " she nodded listening to her cousin. "I need to find Satan's book.. Maybe I can find out what that Thing was on her arm. " Winnie looks at Mavis " its called the demon blade sotuna Satan's blade made from his horn. " Winnie smiled. Mavis looks over at the female werewolf " ooh.....Kay.. Um... Please tel me how to get to the underworld. Winnie smiles and begins explaining.

Dracula's p.o.v

He groans moving his head. He was dreaming.

In the dream Dracula is covered in chains left to right. He was completely naked as he looks down. He sighs. "Amelia ... I am so... So sorry.. " he starts to cry. " Honey.. " He looks up and sees Martha there. " M...Martha... " he stares at the woman. " Dracula. I see you have found your second zing... " he looks down feeling worse " Martha I am sorry.. I still love you bu--" Martha stops him. " I understand and I forgive you.. I want you to be happy my love. " Dracula smiles as Martha places a hand on the chains breaking them as Dracula falls to the gtound. Martha hugs him " please ... Wake up my love.. I give you my blessings. " Martha vanishes as Dracula wakes up.

The zombies hold Dracula down as he jerks awake. Johnny runs in and he looks at Dracula " Dracula man. Are you OK" Dracula nods as he pants " Wh.. What happened " Johnny sighs explaining what happened.

Later in the day

"Mavis.. Is going to find her?.. I.. Wow.. " Dracula sighs. " Wait.. She's going to the underworld? No! " he jumps up dashing to the library.

Amelias p.o.v

" .. I'm so sorry Dracula.. " she cries softly. Satan places a hand on her shoulder " You did well my dear. " she roars at him " This is all your damn fault! " Satan snaps his fingers and more of Amelia's veins slip out and she screams out. " Sire! There's a vampire destroying and killing the guards! " Amelia's eyes widened. Satan roars as he grabs his daughter flying up to his castle dungeon he rips her clothes off beating her up. As he smirked gently. Chaining her up as he roars at his guards " Make her miserable. " the guard nods. He departs.

Mavis's p.o.v

She growls blood dripping down her chin as she follows the scent. "Amelia... Please be alright. " she dashes to the castle. Seeing guards she vanishes and smashes their heads together. Running into the castle. She looks around sees Dracula at the door. "Daddy! " he looks up smiling. " My mouse. " he hugs her.

"Let's go.. We need to save her. " Mavis smiles as the two vampires dash away.
Chaptor six: Protective daughter.

Dracula and Mavis head into his office and he closes the door sitting down. " What is the matter my little mouse. " she rolls her eyes " Dad I don't like Amelia. She is controlling you. Can't you see that? " He glares at his child. " she would never. Understand this Mavis monsters can have a second zing. " he growls. Mavis hisses at her dad "Dad you are not ready for another relationship. What about mom? " that comment hurt the count. She looks in his book of monsters " Dad did you sed this.. She is forever cursed by Satan.. She can kill us all if she wanted to" He stands up and hollared at her " Get out! " Mavis gets up and departs.

Dracula's p.o.v

He sighed rubbing his head feeling hurt. He closes his eyes as he lays his head on his desk.

Mavis's p.o.v

" I can't believe him. Why would he do this to me. Me his only child." She thought to herself. She sees Amelia in the lobby talking to her uncle Wayne. She dashes down the stairs punching Amelia in the face she roared " He's my father! You slut! " she chases Amelia as she extends her claws. Suddenly she was caught by Amelia's quick reflexes her ruby eyes turning pure black and red. In a swift movement Mavis was thrown into a wall. Amelia stands up as her veins slowly extend out of her arm forming a sword. She roared running after mavis. Wayne immiedately runs off going to find Dracula. Mavis screeches loudly as the glass around the area throwing amelia through a wall. Standing up shaking as she felt her fathers sword take control. " Dad... I cant.. I love her dad.. I cant lose him.. " Satans essence roared within her. Amelia grabs her arm crying " Mavis please... Stop...don't ... I can't hurt his daughter.." Tears pouring down her cheeks closing her eyes tightly as Mavis hears a voice " I will send you to hell!!! " Amelia's eyes roar red as she picks up the sword slashing at Mavis.

Wayne's p.o.v

" what the hell is Mavis thinking oh my god I think Winnie is down there."  He pants sniffing the air. He knocks on the door " Dracula, bud please open the door there's an urgent issue. " Dracula opens the door "What? " as soon as Wayne explains what happened Dracula's eyes turn pure red as he dashes downstairs.

Dracula's p.o.v

" Mavis why... Why why .. " he stops seeing the fight his lobby destroyed as he jumps down seeing Amelia perform a dangerous ability he noticed " No.. Not the Demon dog of hell. " as soon as she slams the sword into the ground a large demon dog appears as it dashes over to Mavis who was weak from her injuries. " No... No! " he moves in front of the blast as he screams in pain being burned, he falls down groaning.

Amelia's p.o.v

Her eyes widened as she sees Dracula cry. " No.. No.. Dracula.. " she slams the sword into the ground as she disappears and flees.

Maviss p.o.v

She runs over to her father. " HOLY RABIES! NOO!! DADDY!! IM SORRY!! " he groaned as he panted "Amelia...I...aah... " he moaned as He closes his eyes.  Mavis begins to cry feeling like a fool "Daddy.. " she picks him up flying off to take him to his coffin.
My latest entry about Hotel Transylvania story called Dracula's unbeating heart I want people to know.

I am not making Mavis out to be a bad person. I'm making her out to be as a lady who misses her dad. Basically a parent child relationship.
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